SharePoint is known as the industry leading enterprise platform that is used in more than 78% of Fortune 500 companies and the fastest growing business unit within Microsoft. While the technological features and capabilities of the SharePoint business software are immensely powerful, many companies have struggled to implement a SharePoint strategy effectively. Understanding that SharePoint is more than a technology stack but rather a business services solution platform that supports primary organisational objectives is critical.

At Bennetts we have adopted a business-focused approach to consulting, implementing and delivering SharePoint business software solutions that allows the focus to be more on the understanding of what a business is trying to achieve, rather than which technologies fulfil the requirements.

Over the last few years Bennetts has deployed SharePoint within our organisation and transitioned from an on premise environment to the new SharePoint Online through Microsoft Office 365. Throughout this process we have come to understand the complexities of delivering a successful SharePoint solution and focusing on key areas like User Adoption, Governance and Strategy has helped us and our customers achieve the business goals and increased company growth.

SharePoint Intranets

Transform your organization and realise higher levels of productivity, drive efficacy and enable improved decision making capabilities with a Microsoft SharePoint Intranet.

The need for information management is growing rapidly as more data is being produced and consumed as organizations grow and evolve. It is imperative that the business units producing information are able to find, organise and analyse this information intuitively and quickly in order to be competitive in the ever shifting global business environment.

By combining a new UI interface with trusted enterprise standards and scalability SharePoint Intranets offer the ultimate solution to support your business from start-up’s to global leaders. SharePoint business software enables companies to maximise the synergy of knowledge, skills and people from document management and collaboration through to policy, governance and compliance.

With SharePoint intranets you can extend your internal knowledge and expertise to your customers and employees through information portals that allow cross-organisation joint collaboration on any device, from any location. Extend this even further with integrated social collaboration between organizations using built-in SharePoint features, Microsoft Office 365, or Yammer, that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint.

Corporate Social Networks

A goal of any organisation is to keep intellectual property within the organisation and not only in the minds of employees. Enterprise Social networks work, not only to inspire ideas and communication between people, but as a stimulant for sharing knowledge invaluable to the organisation and recording this knowledge in immediately accessible information silos.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to impact and influence the lives of almost everyone on the planet, and it is vitally important that information workers are enabled to collaborate and share in the ways whereby they are most productive. The formation of communities within SharePoint promotes and fosters a better way for employees to express themselves and form collaborative groups that encourage innovation, community and self-worth. This is something that money can’t buy and in the end produces happier and more productive information workers and in return contributes to the bottom line.

SharePoint integrates Yammer to provide a social layer to enterprise collaboration. Yammer is a private social network used in business environments to connect people and teams, and allows them to share information more seamlessly and extend these internal networks to outside organisations.

Document Management Systems

Document Management Saves Time

As your organisation grows, the content you produce grows even faster. If there are no systems in place to create, share, organise, store, and find this information your employees become inefficient very quickly. People will start to spend large amounts of time just trying to find information.

Compliance with Document Management

Another factor in managing information is compliance and regulation. Document management ensures the ability to control information and adhere to legal policies and requirements. This then frees up employees to find and share reliable information and provides improved customer response and satisfaction.

Improve Customer Service

Without document management information is often duplicated or lost and the latest version is difficult, if not impossible to find. Employees quickly become frustrated in these scenarios and this results in business problems taking longer to solve and customers not getting the best service possible.

Process Automation