Custom Development

Bennetts Technologies has been delivering intelligent business software development for the past 23 years and during this time we have maintained our Microsoft Gold partnership. This partnership along with many others has given us the ability to provide consistent solutions to our clients supported by our complete commitment in supporting the life cycle of the application we deliver. We have a highly experienced team of developers and analysts lead by skilled project managers always ensuring that we exceed every customer's expectations.

Software Development

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development our focus has always been on providing innovative and intelligent business solutions using various channels from web to desktop to mobile. Our strength comes from our highly experienced and skilled software engineers and a continued internal effort into training and mentoring. We know how to find the balance between providing reliable and scalable solutions to our customers and treading into the uncharted and innovative territory of custom integration. This balance safeguards our customers while still pushing them forward with new technology that gives them a competitive advantage.

SharePoint Extranets

Extend the flow of information from your internal organisation to your partners and customers.

Many times the manual process of interacting with customers and getting information to flow between two parties can be wasteful and time consuming. Why not free up your human resources to spend more time with your customers in a relevant way that adds value and builds your relationship?

Customers sometimes just want things done or just want access to certain pieces of information. Implementing front facing extranet portals is one way to keep your customer informed and up to date on the projects you have with them, which can greatly relieve tension or stress levels as all parties involved in the process are always in the loop.

SharePoint is the ultimate tool for bridging the gap between you and your partners. Making collaboration easy and enjoyable with powerful administration capabilities and flexible options, SharePoint provides the perfect balance of control and freedom. By leverage your internal information and seamlessly extending that outside your organisation delivers huge efficiencies and reduces Human capital costs.

Custom Systems Integration

Many software projects are built from the ground up and as the organisation evolves and grows so must the software that supports it. Through years of experience our team has built up the skills to integrate any software package, financial systems and other business services. This stems from our expertise working with ERP systems like JD Edwards and understanding how these systems work and affect business goals and requirements.

We have integrated Oracle, Pastel, VIP Payroll, Sage, Syspro, Build Smart and many others packages into the software solutions we develop for our customers. These are usually business critical systems that cannot afford to go down and therefore require careful planning, design and deployment. Following an agile development methodology backed up by our guarantee period after the software goes live, gives our customers the peace of mind that Bennetts Technologies will always deliver on our promises.

GIS (Geographic Information System)

The Bennetts development team has been commissioned to work on various geo-spatial empowered software development solutions in various industries ranging from aviation and transport to the short-term insurance and risk management sector. These solutions use different technologies and methods to produce map-based views of real time data, provide location tracking and identification services and also allow for spatial analysis and production of geographic trends and patterns.

Our development team has also assisted in creating RESTful APIs and web services for use by 3rd party developers. We have gained invaluable knowledge and expertise in these various technologies and concepts allowing us to produce dynamic and robust solutions for our customers.