Project Management

Managing the software application life cycle can be extremely challenging. It is vital that any software project is backed by experienced teams lead by experts in technology project management. At Bennetts each project commissioned is assigned a project manager. Utilising SharePoint extranets we provide our customers with up-to-date project details, documentation and communication ensuring all stakeholders are always informed and that project development is always heading in the right direction.

Our approach to each project includes detailed planning that forms the solution's foundation and that the risks and benefits of the project are understood by all involved. Every project is supported by detailed business case analysis so that success criteria and metrics form part of the delivery process. Through our SharePoint customer project portal our customers are able to constantly review and contribute to the success of the project.

Our project managers are all experts with many years of industry experience and once a solution is delivered the ongoing support, training and governance of the solution becomes critical to the success of the project. We view this part of the project as just as important as the development of the solution. During this rollout phase, our customers need us the most and quick resolutions of issues are the most significant factors in achieving the business objectives.