Usability Design

User Experience is fast becoming the deciding factor when choosing a device or technology. Users today are no longer satisfied with just any experience, they want something that they can enjoy interacting with. If users are not inspired or motivated to use technology because of poor design, then no amount of functionality is going to make a solution successful.

Our usability experts understand how to manage the process of user adoption and engagement with new technology. Designing initial wireframes and sitemaps underpins how a solution will essentially function and through an agile approach and close collaboration with our clients we can pin point functional considerations of user experience early on in the project. Bringing information workers into this process is also crucial and encourages user adoption later on as users feel involved and become champions within their organisation inspiring others to adopt the solution.

We think a user centric approach is essential when delivering any solution within an organisation. Each decision about the project should always consider the impact to the core users. A projects success is often determined by how users respond to change and how the solution is adopted by users.