Data Management

Data Management is a set of technology, tools and processes needed for creating and maintaining consistent and reliable lists of data. From small to large organisations, accurate information management is essential for successful operation and data maintenance, governance and procedures are crucial in keeping this data reliable.

Performance Analysis

With many of our customers storing large amounts of data on an international scale, one of our main focuses is to keep the data consistent and reliable. Using various SQL data quality services, we are able to protect our customers against the degradation of their data through measurable testing, reporting and performance analysis.

We understand that data is often the main driver of all business operations and decisions; therefore, providing quality data to the people within your organisation is imperative. Keeping this data accurate and supplying it quickly is how Bennetts Technologies can assist you. We have helped many of our customers in keeping their data reliable and readily available.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of making an exact copy of an organizations current data from one device or repository to another with minimum disruption or disabling of active applications. Once this is done, redirecting the flows of information to the new data source.

If your organisation is looking to upgrade or replace servers, consolidate storage or relocate your data, our team of Data specialists are able to help. We have assisted many of our clients over the years ensuring that during the process of data migration we keep the down time to a minimum and make the transition as seamless as possible.

We follow a simple Data Migration methodology of PLAN - MIGRATE - VALIDATE to guarantee the quality of one of your organisations most important assets.

SQL Data Administration

In addition to developing data models, warehousing and ETL, once your data is setup and processes are in place continued maintenance and administration is important. We provide specific consulting and ongoing database administration resources to our clients. Using the latest Microsoft analysis tools for quality control and assessment we are able to provide detailed insights.