Business Intelligence

Business intelligence has been used for many years as a performance reporting and analysis tool used for forecasting trends and patterns within the organisation based on historical data. But as technology has become more powerful, the ways that we consume data and use data to make informed decisions is quickly shifting. Gartner (an information technology research and advisory firm) expected that by 2015, businesses that build a modern information management system will outperform their peers financially by 20 percent.

As Business Intelligence becomes an expected competency within organisations, leading enterprises are establishing real time decision models that allow information workers, managers and executives to take effective actions in every business scenario.

Our approach to delivering BI solutions is to take a customer from a reactive reporting model to a real-time event triggered, immediate impact model and then to a method of modelling future scenarios that reflect opportunities to take advantage of.

Data Warehousing (ETL)

Let us bring your data together to create knowledge and uncover hidden opportunities for cost savings and increased potential. Our qualified SQL experts take our customers through the process of defining, populating and using a data warehouse. With more disparate systems and growing data, extracting usable knowledge that answers key business questions can be challenging. For many organizations a data warehouse is a significant step towards creating better knowledge from data. By bringing together your disparate data from different applications, processes and locations you can begin to make use of the knowledge contained within it.

Data Visualisation

Gathering huge amounts of data does no good to any organisation unless that data can be interpreted quickly and visualised in various ways that lead to effective decisions. Users need to combine various sources of data and visualise the data quickly and simply. Combining data from different sources both structured and unstructured provides a complete picture and opens up new opportunities.

We understand how to change your data from 0’s and 1’s to interactive reports, graphs and timelines. The better the visualisation of the data the more exploration and interpretation can be done. This allows for average knowledge workers to become knowledge champions bringing new insight and smarter decisions. We can assist you in building a framework for self-service interactions without the need for excessive training and lengthy implementation time. Get your teams up and running within days by changing the way your business thinks.

Self Service - BI

The growth of data increases each day, as does the need for self-service business intelligence that can turn data into decision-ready insights. But too often, the tools necessary to extract those insights are just as hard to handle as the data. With our experience in SQL, Data Modelling and Business Analysis while leveraging the power of Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 we are able to provide quick and inexpensive insights to the decision makers in your organisation. Power BI has a collection of new features and services that, together, enable you to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways. Using Power BI, Bennetts can assist you in building on your existing knowledge of Excel, amplifying your ability to understand and capitalize on the ever-expanding world of valuable data.

With Excel and Power BI for Office 365, you get a collection of features that make self-service BI intuitive, collaborative, and holistic. Combining the power and familiarity of Excel, with the collaboration and cloud-based infrastructure of Power BI for Office 365, extends your reach - and amplifies the impact of what you can find, analyse, and visualize. For you, and for your organization.