Technical Design
& Development

With each new project and new customer, we face unique challenges, and by drawing on our teams' many years of experience and skills, and utilizing this built-up knowledge of Microsoft technologies in relation to the software's architectural design and development, we are able to start any project with many of the core services already in place.

Having started in the early days of Microsoft and MS DOS, we have transitioned through many iterations and changes and continue to use the latest tools to deliver intelligent solutions. Our experience extends from .NET through to Java, MVC, HTML5, WPF, XAML and many more.

By incorporating strict quality control measures and testing into our core business values and conducting detailed testing throughout the delivery process, we achieve higher levels of success and deliver on time and on budget.

By partnering with Bennetts Technologies for your infrastructure design and development needs, you get a committed and experienced team backed by our Microsoft Gold Partnership and knowledge that after 23 years we are still providing our customers with intelligent business software helping them achieve and exceed their business goals.